Terms of Service (Sharpening)

By submitting your goods to be sharpened, repaired, refinished, or any other related service, you allow Catalyst Cutlery, LLC (hereby called, “Strata”) to perform such work on your goods. You understand that such services will alter the condition of your goods which could include, but not limited to: aesthetic and cosmetic changes such as scratches to metal, wood, plastic or other materials; changes in overall geometry or shape, thickness, weight, length or other dimensional aspects; replacement of materials such as wood, metal, plastic or any other materials; and any other applicable reasonable alterations that can arise from such services provided by Strata.

The "sharpening service" entails only the sharpening of the very edge of your bladed goods. Any damage to the edge, such as chips, that would be required to be repaired for proper edge sharpening, or bolsters in the way of the edge that need to be ground away, will incur additional costs unless otherwise noted. Unless otherwise noted, all other service options provided by Strata are also charged as an additional service in addition to the edge sharpening service. Any questions or concerns regarding any of the service options must be presented before service is rendered. If Strata receives your goods that require services beyond basic edge sharpening with no or unclear instructions, or the servicing form was not submitted or filled out properly, Strata will perform all applicable services needed to get your goods in optimal condition, and charge accordingly. Estimates of cost and time for services are not to be considered guarantees, and total costs and turnaround time for services may be less or greater than the amount estimated. You agree to pay the amount according to the services rendered upon receiving your serviced goods, unless otherwise noted.

By leaving Strata with your serviced goods you are accepting and approving the condition and results of the servicing.

Strata makes no guarantees on duration of edge retention, sharpness, levels of polish, and any other physical properties.

Shipping costs for both sending, receiving, and insuring any goods or goods sent in for service, will be covered by the customer. Strata will return ship your goods via USPS or other shipping service, or a particular service if requested, with the customer covering any additional costs if necessary. Unless you request, and cover the costs of expedited shipping, all packages will be shipped back using standard shipping speeds. It is recommended that you insure your goods both ways. You must declare if you want your goods insured for return shipping, with the cost being added to the final invoice. If no insurance is declared, no insurance will be given. Strata is not responsible for delayed, lost, stolen, or damaged goods by the shipping company, or any damages that could have occurred by poor packaging by the customer. If the Service Options form for mail-in services is not included or filled out properly, Strata will perform all necessary services needed to get your goods in optimal condition, and charge accordingly. If Strata inspects your goods and deems them unserviceable, Strata will notify you of such, and refund you any monies if initially charged, and charge for return shipping. If you have questions about regarding if your goods can be serviced, please contact Strata before shipping. Strata only accepts digital payment for mail-in services, unless otherwise noted. Unless otherwise noted, all mail-in goods are subject to the same pricing and terms as drop-off services. See the Mail-In Instructions page for proper packaging instructions and shipping address.

You must declare prior to service if any of the tools you are submitting for service are structurally damaged in order to prevent injury to the service provider, or which may negatively affect the service process (eg. loose handles, cracked blades, etc). Strata is not responsible for any further potential damage to your tools that may arise from the service process if they were initially submitted in damaged condition. Any injury to the service provider that may have been caused from initially damaged goods not declared may result in reparations to Strata and/or the service provider. By submitting your goods for service, you declare that you have inspected your tools for such potential structural or other unsafe conditions. Strata will notify you of any issues that arise during services that may negatively affect the performance of your goods so that reasonable options can be considered for both parties.

Strata cannot and will not be held accountable for misuse, poor maintenance, or any other irresponsible issues that may arise from your use that negatively affects the integrity and performance or your goods, or injury to you. Tools are serviced on a first-come first-serve basis. Strata reserves the right to refuse any service to any good for any reason. Strata is not responsible for items left unclaimed after 90 days. By providing your contact information required for service, you allow Strata to contact you regarding our services, your goods, and payment. Upon receiving and inspecting your goods, you agree to pay the invoiced amount via the listed payment options.