Gyuto is the Japanese term for Chef Knife, which is a multipurpose knife that can do the majority of your kitchen work. This is typically someone's first knife purchase unless they prefer slightly shorter knives like the Santoku.

The most common lengths are 210mm-240mm (8.25"-9.5"). Professionals tend to gravitate to the 240mm size, with home users or those in smaller kitchens more often using the 210mm size or even 180mm (7").

Gyuto tend to have slightly flatter profiles (more edge contact with the board starting at the heel) and finer tips compared to most western knives, especially commercially available German knives. The Gyuto's profile makes them slightly better geared for push/pull cutting, chopping, and slicing motions rather than the forward rocking motion that Western knives typically provide thanks to their curved belly. French and other Western knives typically lie somewhere between the German profile and the Gyuto profile. Neither of the profiles are better than the other, it depends on the users' needs and preferences.

There is a variation on the standard Gyuto profile that has a clipped tip, called a Kiritsuke Gyuto (or more aptly, "Kiritsuke-shaped Gyuto"). The tip is also known as a "K-tip", "diamond tip", "reverse tanto tip", "kiritsuke tip," among others, but none should be confused with the Kiritsuke knife which is single bevel and a different knife altogether. This pointed tip allows for more adeptness and precision at the tip when needed, but is more brittle.

If this is a gift for someone it is usually a safer bet to choose the standard profile, 210mm size, and stainless steel.


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