Strata specializes in servicing kitchen cutlery and an array of bladed tools. If you have something that needs sharpening or a repair that's outside our usual services, please contact us at 207-517-0034 or info[at] to see if we can help.

While not limited to the following, we do NOT service: ceramic blades, serrated blades, recurve blades, nor fantasy weapons, double edged daggers, hair scissors, and machine-operated blades.

Drop-off Policies

  • Turnaround for sharpening services is usually 3-7 business days, depending on volume (major repairs, alterations, and advanced services may take longer).

  • We service goods on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Please see our Terms of Service for a complete list of our policies.

Storefront Drop-off

  1. Please fill out this Sharpening Drop-off Form. (We also have forms at the shop!)
  2. Bundle up your CLEAN knives carefully (we charge a $5 cleaning fee for every knife that is dropped off dirty - don't be that person).
  3. Drop off your bundle with completed Sharpening Drop-off Form at our storefront location at 67 Washington Ave.
  4. We will give you a call when your order is completed and ready for pick-up.

Mail-in Service

*You MUST contact us first before sending in your knives to make sure we can assist you and notify you to our turnaround times. If you do not, we cannot guarantee we can assist you and may deny delivery or send your items back at your expense. We are NOT accepting any advanced service orders at the moment due to high volume. "Advanced orders" = single bevels, mirror polishing, Honyaki customizations, etc. - if you don't know what those words mean, you can likely send in your knives =)

We offer mail-in sharpening services for those not in the Portland area. Please fill out and include the Mail-In Form for service options, safe packaging steps, our address, and policies.