About Us

Strata is a Japanese whetstone sharpening service and culinary knife and accessories retail shop in Portland, Maine.

We offer Japanese whetstone sharpening services for kitchen knives and an array of bladed tools. Using dozens of the highest quality sharpening stones from around the world, we hand-tailor each edge to produce the sharpest and most durable finish to best suit your needs. 

In our retail shop, we showcase a handpicked selection of our favorite culinary knives from around the world. With a focus on carrying quality steels produced on a small scale, we carry knives for all skill levels and budgets. We also feature the best locally and regionally-made kitchen accessories.

We take our name, 'Strata,' from our love of natural sharpening stones which derive their unique characteristics from the layer, or strata, within the quarry where they were mined. Click below to learn more about this fascinating world of whetstone sharpening.