The Jewish Deli
The Jewish Deli
The Jewish Deli

The Jewish Deli


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The Jewish Deli

An Illustrated Guide to the Chosen Food

Author: Ben Nadler

A delightful celebration of Jewish delicatessens in an accessible comics format, full of history and humor and guaranteed to make you hungry.

Beloved culinary and cultural institutions, Jewish delis are wonderlands of amazing flavors and great food—bright, buttery, briny, sweet, fatty, salty, smoky. . . . In The Jewish Deli, comics artist and deli aficionado Ben Nadler takes a deliciously entertaining deep dive into the history and culture of this food and the places that serve it up to us across the counter.

A visual treat, this accessible and informative nonfiction graphic novel delivers stories of tradition and innovation, celebrations of iconic menu staples, flavor profiles, food preparations, ordering advice, spotlights on legendary and up-and-coming delis, and much more. Chapters guide readers through the details and delights of each major food category such as meat, fish, bagels and bread, schmears, soups and sides, sweets, and drinks, all delightfully illustrated and each more irresistibly craveable than the last.

HISTORY: The history of a people is found in its food, and in this book! Trace the history of Jewish cuisine from ancient days to the birth of the modern deli as we know and love it now.

DELI PROFILES: When this book makes you hungry, plan a visit to one of the sensational North American delis featured in its pages (as well as a few farther afield).

FOR FOODIES AND FOLKS ALIKE: Nadler shares colorful, researched stories of deli food, preparations, traditions, and innovations that entertain and inform whether you're a deli expert or just find yourself wondering where bagels (or babka, or matzo ball soup, or the Reuben) come from.

FUN COMICS STYLE: Fans of Relish: My Life In The Kitchen and Cook Korean: A Comic Book With Recipes will love Ben Nadler's fresh and colorful illustrated approach to the food and culture of the Jewish deli.

Perfect for:
  • For foodies who love deli food and want to learn more
  • Anyone interested in Jewish cuisine and culture
  • Fans of nonfiction comics and graphic novels


Hardcover | Chronicle | 248 pages