Hitohira - Cutting Board - Kiri Wood - Large
Hitohira - Cutting Board - Kiri Wood - Large

Hitohira - Cutting Board - Kiri Wood - Large


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Dimensions: 530mm x 295mm 20mm

Weight: 824g

Material: Kiri Wood (Paulownia).

Notes: While technically a hardwood, Kiri Wood is particularly soft on knife edges. It is extremely light, resistant to decay, and has an even higher strength to weight ratio than balsa wood. Kiri Wood's lightweight makes it ideal for taking on hikes, picnics, camping, or simply as an everyday board. Due to its low density and low hardness, it is not advised to be used for heavy-duty work like butcher cleaving, sawing, or forceful impacts. Native to East Asia.

Care: Wash with warm, soapy water, only using something scrubby or abrasive when needed, otherwise use the soft-side of a sponge or simply a towel or rag. Wipe as dry as possible. Once fully dry, store flat if possible. Use food-safe oil or wax blend when the board feels dry, you do not need to constantly oil. Do not let soak. At your discretion you can use a fairly high-grit sandpaper to condition the surface to remove discoloration and maring; oil afterwards.

Disclaimer: These cutting boards are made out of single or 2-3 pieces of natural lumber  and could warp over time, it is a natural aspect of raw wood. We do not accept returns for warped boards.

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