The Story of Knife Steel
The Story of Knife Steel
The Story of Knife Steel

The Story of Knife Steel


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The Story of Knife Steel

Innovators Behind Modern Damascus and Super Steels

Author: Dr. Larrin Thomas

An exciting new book about developments that led to today's high performance knives! Learn about the innovators behind modern steels and the formation of the knife industry itself. With many first-hand accounts from knifemakers and metallurgists about what drove them to push the boundaries of knife engineering.

Topics include:

  • The development of different forge welding and Damascus patterning techniques from the 1970s to today.
  • How did we get exciting new steels in knives like 440C, 154CM, S30V, and MagnaCut?
  • How did custom knifemaking become such a huge market?
  • Where did the "forged vs stock removal" debate come from?
  • How did factory knives evolve from simple, standard pocket knives to boundary-pushing designs and materials?


Softcover | Published Independently | 503 pages