Imanishi - Natural Stone - Asagi (D) - 004
Imanishi - Natural Stone - Asagi (D) - 004
Imanishi - Natural Stone - Asagi (D) - 004
Imanishi - Natural Stone - Asagi (D) - 004

Imanishi - Natural Stone - Asagi (D) - 004

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These handpicked stones represent some of the best value you will find on the market for natural stones. They are generally prime examples of how stones with "ordinary" aesthetics can belie the efficacy and ease of use of extraordinary gems that are often otherwise overlooked (oh, and they save money too). The vast majority of these options make you feel like you are cheating, so to speak - they provide outstanding results, at a speed seemingly found only in stones that cost many times more, all while being easy to use make it seem as if you have learned years of polishing in a matter of minutes. We are proud to provide such wonderful pieces to you.

Brand: Imanishi
Producing Area: Kyoto, Osaka - Japan
Appearance: Classic, light-green Asagi with some faint blues and slight Namazu
Size: 196mm x 73mm x 37mm
Weight: 1173g
Grit Range: 4000-6000

1-5 Scale: 1 = Less, 5 = More
Hardness Level: 4
Scratch Depth: 2.5
Speed: 3.5
Wear Rate: 1.5
Self Slurry: 1.5
Thirst: 2.5
Consistency: 3.5
Ease of Use: 3.5

Notes: Fast, with black slurry after a few seconds. On the slightly harder side but actually difficult to get unwanted scratches, making it easier to use then the vast majority of stones of similar hardness. Feedback is smooth with some intermittent tackiness and hardness in small areas but not bothersome nor worrisome and ease of use is maintained. Another very good handpicked stone at a great price.

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Please Note: Given the natural aspect of these stones, all graded characteristics are our own subjective thoughts which may vary from your expectations and assessment. The images shown and characteristics described may be from a previous example, or when first measured before being tested numerous times. If purchased, yours may differ slightly in appearance and qualities.