K Sabatier - Vintage - Canadian 5" Carbon Paring Knife
K Sabatier - Vintage - Canadian 5" Carbon Paring Knife

K Sabatier - Vintage - Canadian 5" Carbon Paring Knife

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K-Sabatier is both the oldest Sabatier and most respected French knife company for good reason. Their knives are as classically French as they come. With the stately look of nobility and a feel in hand that gives you a sense of creative confidence, our selection of K-Sabatier are not only a delight to look at, but they perform with excellence. K-Sabatier’s treatment of their steels allows the knives to be both sharper and have better edge retention, and simply outperform other knives of similar hardnesses and price points. Their thin and slender nature lends to precise and graceful movement in use.

5" (130mm) Paring Knife

Ideal for small or intricate tasks, the K Sabatier Vintage Canadian 5" Paring Knife, manufactured in 1950's, was hand-forged in Thiers, France, a city with a rich knife-making pedigree.

Brand: K Sabatier
Line: Antique Carbon
Producing Area: Thiers, France
Profile: Paring
Edge Length: 5" (130mm)
Edge Steel: Carbon Steel (Antique)
HRC: 52-54
Steel Type: Carbon Steel (Antique)
Cladding: Monosteel
Bevel: Double Bevel
Bevel Symmetry: 50:50
Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous
Handle: Western
Total Length: 9" (230mm)
Spine Length: 5" (130mm)
Handle Length: 4" (100mm)
Blade Height: 20mm
Thickness of Spine at Handle: 2.7mm
Thickness of Spine ½ to Tip: 1.5mm
Thickness of Spine 1cm from Tip: 0.3mm
Weight: 57g


This blade is fully carbon and care must be taken to avoid rust. Wipe dry after each use and ideally between preparing different products, especially when using acidic and salty products. A patina will form over time helping increase stain resistance slightly. Hand wash and dry only. Store away from liquids and open windows. Keep the blade covered when storing or traveling. Use only on appropriate cutting surfaces such as soft woods and plastics.

Please Note: The pictures and measurements are examples. Individual knives may differ slightly in appearance and measurements.